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Sri Lanka’s wildlife is incredibly diverse, showcasing iconic elephants, elusive leopards, vibrant marine life, and over 400 bird species.

Birdwatching enthusiasts are drawn to Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, which attracts over 400 bird species, including 33 endemics. The island’s isolation also welcomes numerous migrant species annually, offering ample opportunities for birdwatchers to indulge in their passion.

With 102 terrestrial mammal species, including 14 endemics, Sri Lanka’s wildlife is rich and varied. The island is renowned for its iconic elephants, which can be observed in their natural habitat within national parks or sanctuaries. Visitors seeking encounters with other indigenous mammals, such as leopards and diverse primates, will also find ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Marine Life
Exploring Sri Lanka’s oceans unveils a spectacular array of marine life, from majestic whales and playful dolphins to graceful marine turtles and vibrant coral reefs. Whale watching expeditions provide thrilling encounters with the majestic blue whale, while nesting sites along sandy beaches offer glimpses of marine turtles returning to the sea. Snorkeling and diving opportunities abound, allowing visitors to explore the colorful underwater world teeming with tropical fish and intricate corals. Sri Lanka’s marine biodiversity promises unforgettable experiences for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

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