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It’s ingrained in our DNA to craft adventures that immerse you in the heart of Sri Lanka’s breathtaking wilderness. Our selection of outdoor programs offers a tantalizing glimpse into the boundless opportunities for exploration and excitement awaiting you in our island paradise.

Archery: Unwind and sharpen your focus with the timeless art of archery. Step into our outdoor range where the thrill of hitting the bullseye is amplified by the beauty of nature surrounding you. Whether bonding with loved ones or honing your skills solo, archery promises moments of relaxation and discovery.

Abseiling: Descend into awe-inspiring vistas as you rappel down rugged boulders against the backdrop of Ella Rock and the majestic Ravana Waterfall. Guided by seasoned climbing experts and equipped with top-notch gear, each controlled descent is a symphony of adrenaline and wonder, leaving you breathless in the best possible way.

ATV: Ignite your spirit of adventure aboard a robust four-wheeler as you conquer our thrilling off-road track. Wind through muddy trails, dart across dirt paths, and conquer challenging slopes amidst tea plantations and lush jungles. Each turn reveals panoramic views of Ella Gap, painting a picture-perfect backdrop for your outdoor escapade.

Zip Line: Soar to new heights on our exhilarating zip line adventure, where you’ll zip along at speeds of up to 80kmph, soaking in bird’s-eye vistas of Sri Lanka’s verdant hills. Launch from Mini Adam’s Peak and glide over iconic tea estates and lush greenery, suspended in a thrilling dance between earth and sky.

Rafting: Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding journey down the Kelani River, where cascading rapids promise an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride. Suitable for adventurers aged 10 and above, our modern rafts and expert guides ensure a safe yet exhilarating experience through 5 major rapids and 4 minor ones. Let the enchanting river and its scenic surroundings weave their spell on you, leaving you spellbound by the beauty of nature’s raw power.

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